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  • How much time should I book for my self tape?
    Below are suggested time slots determined by the length of your audition. If you know that your process takes more time or you want the opportunity to record multiple takes you may consider booking more time. Every actor is unique. 20-minutes: 1 page audition or slates 30-minutes: 2-3 pages of material 45-minutes: 3-5 pages of material One hour or more: Over 5 pages/Multiple Scenes Booked time includes self tape and basic editing. Editing happens within your time booked. If you book 20 minutes and spend 20 minutes in the taping room, editing an uploading will be an additional charge for the additional time. Multiple scenes require more editing as does uploading material to Actors Access.
  • Do you offer coaching during self taping sessions?
    We do not coach actors during self tape appointments. However, if you'd like coaching, you can book a coaching session prior to your self tape appointment (these are separate services). Coaching prior to taping will establish a shared vocabulary between actor and coach that may prove useful in the taping room.
  • Will you offer feedback on my self tape?
    If requested by the actor, we will offer basic technical feedback or give simple adjustments that can be made on the fly. If you are interested in coaching, it is offered as a separate service.
  • How will I receive my file(s)?
    All files will be sent via WeTransfer.
  • Will you upload my file(s) to Actors Access for me?
    We will upload your files to Actors Access, but keep in mind this is part of the $1 per minute charge.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located on Atlanta's west side in the beautiful neighborhood of Westview. Actors Room Atlanta operates out of our private residence and there is plenty of street parking available. Please note: Two cats reside on the premises. They will not be "roaming" during business hours. We mention this for anyone with severe cat allergies.
  • What does basic editing include?
    Basic editing will happen in your allotted time slot at $1 per minute and will include attaching your slate at the beginning or end of your audition tape if it is required for your submission. It will also include editing the beginning or ending of the audition if necessary.
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