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Actors Room Atlanta provides exceptional audition taping with high-quality video, lighting and sound. We offer a creative and personable environment with immediate turnaround on your audition tape using WeTransfer.

While you're here, it's your room.
Self Taping is $1 per minute.
20-Minutes $20      30-Minutes $30
45-Minutes $45      60-Minutes $60

Actors Room Atlanta Reviews:

Image by Harry Cunningham

"Homey vibe space, great professional equipment all the way round, AND they know their craft. I feel I'm in good hands every time I'm there. They're my new go-to place. Welcome to Atlanta!!"  


"I highly recommend Actors Room Atlanta where you will always get good lighting and sound and read with actors who strike that perfect balance between being a great reader and allowing you to be the star of the audition. Thanks Actors Room!"  -Portia

"Awesome and Professional.  Always a pleasant, comfortable working atmosphere and great professional services provided!"  

-Theresa Lang

"The best taping service in town, hands down. The comfort level is great and the feedback is always smart and effective."

-Sekou Laidlow

"Very professional, on time, and gives great direction! Video quality is amazing."  

-Debrell Fountain

Image by Harry Cunningham

"Wonderful taping experience!! Evan was so helpful, patient, and a great scene partner. The studio is perfectly set up for self tapes and frankly, saved me!! So glad to have stumbled upon this––will definitely be booking my self tapes here whenever I'm back in Atlanta."  -Erica

"Great service, efficient and professional!!!"

-Alexander Reed

"Great studio! Evan was very friendly and helpful. Put me at ease. I picked them out of the blue for a last minute self-tape. So glad I did. I will definitely be back!"  -Shelby

"Service and hospitality are impeccable!"  

-Sherisse Colbourne

"Evan was spectacular with my nine year old! She felt very comfortable and responded well to his coaching and feedback. After booking for a last minute audition, her agent confirmed that it had been one of her strongest self tapes. Awesome vibe and comfy atmosphere. We will definitely be regulars."  


Image by Harry Cunningham

"Evan was very professional and helpful. He helped me turn in a great audition tape. This place is WONDERFUL!!! Affordable, great sound quality, lighting setup, amazing editing. I will be back for sure!"  -Armanio

"High quality and convenient taping and coaching at an affordable rate!

Thank you!"

-Iona Leighton

"My 7 year old daughter really enjoyed taping at Actors Room Atlanta! They have a very comfortable atmosphere with great availability. Most importantly, my daughter had fun, and Evan did a great job helping her through the script. We will tape here as much as possible."

- Mary Gurz

"These are the folks you want handling your audition material. I felt comfortable and at ease in the room, and the technical elements were spot on. Thank you for your incredible services."  -Lisa Buch

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